All the new and seasoned parents know the struggle of buying kids clothes online shopping. Whether it is for your baby’s first birthday or a back-to-school wardrobe, it is impossible to avoid spending too much on clothing that almost immediately gets torn, stained, or outgrown.

As quality and prices vary widely from shop to shop, finding enough time to navigate a retailer’s website is no easy feat. In addition to that kid’s often-changing preferences and likes are the real struggle of finding functional yet on-trend clothes. To help guide you, which stores offer the best deals on durable and great articles of clothing, we asked parenting bloggers, childcare experts, and real parents to clue us into their favorite stops to shop for the best kid’s clothing.

We have searched many retailers. For each one, we considered the range of styles, quality of materials, sizing inclusivity, and prices. Whether it is sustainability and comfort you are looking for, or you need the best deal, one or more options listed here will definitely meet your shopping needs and have your little champs looking comfy and stylish in no time.


  1. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is inevitably one of the most popular stores in Pakistan that specializes in trendy and stylish kid’s clothing. Their clothes are designed for children of all ages from 0-14years. Meaning they not only cater to toddlers but also infants.

Their clothing is categorized into sections by age for the ease of customers. It goes from the mini girls and mini boys that have clothing for kids 0-6 years and girls and boys with clothing for kids aged 6-14. They design a wide range of western and eastern attires for kids.

At Hopscotch, you can spot great quality children’s clothing at very affordable prices. Their prices usually range around Rs.1000 – 5,000 depending on the style of clothing.


  1. Cocobee Kidswear

Want to dress your kids in the latest fashions and trends without breaking your family budget? Then you will love Cocobee kidswear! With clothing for mini girls and mini boys through toddlers, they are also a great place to put together a coordinated but not completely matching look for your little ones. Their selection can be hit-or-miss, and if you check their site often you can grab some real steals to outfit your kids beautifully. They have the prettiest clothing range at affordable prices and regular sales with heavy discounts on all items. The most amazing fact is that the clothes are on-trend, and shopping is real fun! My favorite purchase for my children over the years has been casual wear of the Cocobee kidswear, which come out great in the wash and have been passed down between my two little ones as they last so well.

  1. KidsPolo

Kids Polo is one of the reliable names when it comes to kid’s clothing in Pakistan. They started by introducing polished styles that offer a modern take on classic staples. It is an iconic design house specializing in modern takes on timeless styles. They have designed several playful patterns with bright accents and lots of matching accessories.



They have a wide selection of versatile clothing for children. Their collections have both eastern and western attires, everything from jeans, T-shirts to tights and dresses, they do it all. Their prices are some of the most affordable ones in the market today.


  1. Leisure Club Kids

Leisure Club was founded in 1997 and originally made clothing for adults only. A decade after its successful launch, it became one of the first brands for girl dresses online shopping in Pakistan.

Although initially, they made a very limited selection for kids, today they have a wide range of clothes for infants, children, and teens. The best part about them is that they offer a pretty good range of stylish shoes! You can browse their online page and leave with a whole outfit for your child.

Leisure Club Kid’s clothing is categorized by age as well. Their categories include “Baby Girl & Baby Boy” where they have clothing and footwear for kids aged from 0-5 years and “Boy & Girl” where they have clothing for children aged 5-16 years old.


  1. Minnie Minors

Minnie minors have always been a specialty brand for kids. They have mastered the art of designing clothing for Pakistani children and have been ruling the market since their launch in 1998! This makes them among the first ones in Pakistan to cater kid’s clothing.

Minnie Minors is one of the most established specialty kids brands. We offer an energetic collection of top-notch quality garments designed with the finest fabrics and popular themes, printed and embroidered to match the trends of today for children. They design clothing and footwear for infants to children aged 12 years. The appeal of their versatile products has been high since day one due to their innovative designs, high-quality manufacturing, top-notch merchandise, and the choice of modern retail for all kids from newborn to five years of age.


  1. Mothercare

Mothercare is a British-origin company that specializes in products for moms-to-be and their journey as new moms. They have everything a mom might need, from essentials for herself to clothing for their newborns and children.

Mothercare is notorious for designing great quality reliable and soft clothes. All of these things are very important when it comes to purchasing clothes for kids as they are always spilling things on their outfits and need frequent washes. A few good pieces in your kid’s wardrobe would last you much longer than having a lot of low-quality clothes.

Mothercare clothing can be a bit of an investment.


  1. Breakout Kids

Breakout has been a leader in the Pakistani clothing market when it comes to trendy contemporary clothing for children especially for girl dresses online shopping in Pakistan. They have managed to earn that reputation when it comes to kid’s clothing.



They have a wide selection of all types of clothing for children. Their versatile collection mostly includes western wear, they have everything from jeans, T-shirts to dresses and tights, they do it all. Their sole purpose is to make clothing for kids ages 5-12 but they design clothes for infants to age 4 as well.

They have the most affordable prices and the bulk of the collection.


That’s all for our list of top 8 online clothing websites to buy best online clothes for children in Pakistan and girl dresses online shopping in Pakistan in 2021. You can blindly trust our independent reviews and experience a great experience from these websites. All of these brands have emerged from very small scale and consistent dedication and hard work they are now leading the whole online shopping horizons of Pakistan. This is the quickest route to successfully enjoy your shopping little one’s shopping spree.