Parents may consider their children’s preferences and wishes when heading out shopping, but they should pay particular attention to the quality and functionality of the clothes. Even if you are disciplined and only buy basics, they can soon add up coats, t-shirts, trousers, inner wears, dresses, school clothes – never mind if they need a formal outfit for a special occasion like weddings.

Every mum wants her children to look candid in addition to being comfortable because nothing looks less candid or sweet than your child constantly crying about the tags or tugging at itchy clothing.

My taste in clothing has gone better over the years, and since we a

Children these days are pretty savvy. Having been raised with iPads around, you can’t just throw a rubber ducky in their lap and expect them to be entertained. They have their own choices and likes. And in this era, kids are pretty much vocal about what they think or believe.

Children grasp the essentials of the world through their eyes differently. Bright colors are one of the aspects of vision that help distinguish and categorize different objects. It is easier for them to distinguish bright colors. And the aura of bright colors makes them incredibly happy. Color has also known to affect their mood and behavior. Thus it is very important to choose the best color combinations according to their personality and age.

Color is an essential element of childhood. For children, color represents newfound personality traits, the ability to distinguish, and the ability to differentiate themselves as individuals. There are ample varieties of clothing available for children out there in the market, both online and offline. The kind of design and color you need is pretty easy to find these days. What’s difficult is finding the right combination. Well, why find one when you can create!

Color may seem a fun deal. Here is how different children respond to different colors:

are in hand-me-down heaven here, I have learned some lessons about what works for their little wardrobe. Here is my tactic to buy children’s clothing- these are all things that I have done and still do:

So I can promise that they are all thoroughly road-tested!

Clothing with Cartoon Characters

There is no arguing the fact that cartoon characters are universally appealing to children. But children’s love for all-animates-things extends beyond their favorite Disney and Nickelodeon cartoons. It works pretty well when it comes to their clothing.

Clothing line incorporated with their favorite cartoon character has an incredible appeal towards children. Fun details and cartoon designs are preferred by kids more.

Pink and Purple, Girl’s Favorite!

The pink color is very delicate and dainty. It is a great combination to make your little one look cute and pretty. Pink has a deeply soothing and relaxing impact. There is no color other than pink, which makes kids look cute. Little girls ensembled in pink and white look adorably cute and resemble marshmallows. These days pink color is trending in boys as well; you can always pair a shirt with black pants.

Another favorite color, especially among girls, is purple. The way a child in the age group 3 to 5 years perceives color points towards his developmental stage.

Bright as Sun

Typically young kids love bright hues. They pose a stark contrast to the neutral shades generally worn by the adults around them. For some, bright colors also brighten their mood. You can pair shiny bright yellow t-shirts and tops with dark-colored denim or bottoms. The blend of light and dark colors goes pretty well together. Say, for example, if your little darling is wearing a yellow tank top, you can pair it with dark black jeggings or jeans for the best look.

How About Some Blue?

Childhood is a colorfull time, and blue is another happy color—all different shades of blue look cool on kids, either on boys or girls. You can pair blue with any other shade of blue very comfortably. Also, blue looks very trendy and classy when accompanied by pastel colors. You can combine your baby’s blue denim with a light blue t-shirt.

Dark Color Combinations for Kids Clothing

It can be very interesting to observe the way children develop a bond with different colors it reveals a lot about their personalities. Usually, kids don’t like dark colors they love to look flashy and colorfull. But there come certain occasions where you need them to dress up all simple and gay. In such situations, you always choose dark colors instead of going for some odd shades. It serves both your and his wish to look decent and simple. Dark colors like brown, mauve, deep tan, chocolate, etc., can easily pair with cream or white color.

Warm Colors

Warm colors exude happiness and comfort and are loved by younger kids. These hues lend a sense of security and coziness to them. Warm colors include yellow, red, and orange. These shades have a stimulating and energizing effect and are extremely beneficial for children’s growth and development.

How to Combine White?

White is the kind of color that can’t pair with any other color easily. Therefore, one needs to be very careful while pairing any clothing with white. If you have white-colored kid’s pants, you can pair any dark-colored shirt or t-shirt with them. Deep and dark colors look best when paired with white.

Special Colors like Olive, Aubergine, Teal, Mauve, etc.

Special colors ask for special attention. Olive goes on a darker tone to combine it with tan or creamy yellow or peach color. Aubergine also looks best with white, off-white, and teal. You can blend it with grey, white or black.

It’s Not Just About the Kids. It’s About Parents, Too!

When it comes to kid’s clothing, parents play a major role in developing their likes and dislikes. Therefore, color and design that falls flat with mom or dad is a failure. Because at the end of the day parents have to dress them up according to the occasion.

Simple layout and clean designs with contrasting hues appeal to both parents and children. It’s a win-win.

Parting words

It was the slightest detail about how children respond to different colors and how you can mix and match their favorite colors. Parents should keep making trails and many different color combination experiments; you might someday come with a unique idea.

Hang out with cool kids!