How To Buy Children Or Kid’s Clothes In Pakistan

Parents may consider their children’s preferences and wishes when heading out shopping, but they should pay particular attention to the quality and functionality of the clothes. Even if you are disciplined and only buy basics, they can soon add up coats, t-shirts, trousers, inner wears, dresses, school clothes – never mind if they need a formal outfit for a special occasion like weddings.

Every mum wants her children to look candid in addition to being comfortable because nothing looks less candid or sweet than your child constantly crying about the tags or tugging at itchy clothing.

My taste in clothing has gone better over the years, and since we are in hand-me-down heaven here, I have learned some lessons about what works for their little wardrobe. Here is my tactic to buy children’s clothing– these are all things that I have done and still do:

So I can promise that they are all thoroughly road-tested!

Choose fabrics that can hold up best to years

It is the most worked-on phenomenon to pass on the clothing to younger siblings. So, each dress or apparel has to go through years of usage and washing. Always look for something that will keep looking good over scores of cycles through the washing machine and necessary encounters with the bleach pen. It is commonly observed that t-shirt fabrics don’t hold up well and never look that good after several washes, so I almost always go for non-stretchy cotton, even if that means a quick visit with the steam irons, soft denim, and sweater fabrics.

  1. Pick Classic Shapes & Patterns with Fun Details:

Try not to pick overly trendy articles so that they don’t date quickly. And you can always add fun elements to make it look classy. Like a basic navy, the blue and white sweater looks so ordinary, but the little red bow at the back would make this sweater so ridiculously darling. And flats or pumps with it are as ordinary as it gets, but the little cat faces on them are just too fun. Kid clothing with pretty details elevates them a lot.

  1. Be Realistic About What Occasions and Weather you’re Shopping for:

I love chunky little sweaters or fur-lined boots, but I know I am just setting my kid to melt in summers. Always pick versatile festive clothing that can be used throughout the year with little variations- like a skirt can look a great deal in summers, and you can always line it with warm legging to use this in winters. Similarly, thin sweatshirts for boys are lightweight and perfect for light summers, but they can also be used as a thin layer under a jacket to enhance his overall appearance.

If your holiday celebrations and outdoors are mostly very casual, pick festive items that are not overly fancy. It might be tempting for super floofy gowns and formal suits but if everyone else is wearing jeans to family dinners, pick something holiday-ish that I more laid-back.

  1. Buy Classic Basics:

“Buy classic basics” is a piece of advice that you will read in every fashion magazine, from Vogue to a local Pakistani magazine. And it is very applicable to children’s clothing as to your wardrobe. Chinos, jeans, sweaters, and basic t-shirts will be the mainstays of your kid’s wardrobe and mean that you get the maximum clothing for your money. They will have something they can mix and match with their new can’t-live-without-it t-shirt, trousers, or skirt.

  1. Stay Alert for Sales:

Drive your car into a field at an unearthly hour of the morning to grab the best deals and root out bargains.

Sales are an excellent source of stocking up, but you are most likely to waste a handsome amount if you buy unnecessary stuff. Just follow the same criteria that you would buy full price clothing – is there growing room, will it fit them in the correct season?

Quality and cleanliness may be variable, so check all items thoroughly before handing over cash. However, you might get a bumper bundle of children’s clothes for next to nothing.

  1. Keep a Check For Sizes:

Even if you know your child’s cloth size, be careful when making the purchase. Parents are often unable to judge well and buy clothes, which later turns out that they are not the right size for their child. It would be better for you to be informed about their return or exchange policy.

If you are unsure about the size, always go for slightly larger clothes. Even if the child cannot wear clothes now, these articles will certainly be appropriate for him at a later stage.

  1. Buy Gender Neutral:

Buying gender-neutral clothing is a long-term investment. Suppose you buy clothes in unisex colors such as navy, white, red, cream, green, and yellow rather than overdosing on pinks and blues. This way, you will be able to use clothes for future children, and you can also pass them on to your friends and family for future children of either gender.


Finally, it is a very good idea to stash any outgrown clothing that is still in perfect condition if you plan to have more children. If not, pass them on to their cousins, or you can always donate them.

What tips and hacks do you use for picking your children’s clothing, and do your kids have strong opinions about what they want to wear. Please let us know.