When we think of baby and baba online shopping, most brands that come to mind are those that deal with clothing for adults. Until a few years ago, kids’ online shopping in Pakistan was a daunting task. Nowadays kid’s fashion is equally in trend as men’s and lady’s fashion trends. The ultimate concern mothers today is that their little champs are dressed better. However, exploring the best spots for buying children’s clothing online in Pakistan is very easy today. The knowledge of people about good and reliable kid’s clothing is growing with time.

In this article, we will discuss the 7 best shopping stores for kid’s clothing in Pakistan and what brand you should go to, and why.

List of Best Shopping Store for Kids Clothing in Pakistan:

Although there are a number of online kids clothing stores in Pakistan, few are the choicest ones and are only known by a few folks:

Rollover Kids Company

Rollover Kids Company is a trending speciality brand that only designs clothes for children. Their focus is to make trendy and fashionable clothes for children that are easily affordable while maintaining the top-notch quality that will last you a long time.

They are popular for creating clothing for children 1-12 years of age. Their collections are split between western and eastern clothes. They design everything from jeans, t-shirts, PJs, shorts, dresses to traditional kurtas and shalwar kameez as well. Cover almost any occasion you might have to take your children to!

Staying true to their claims of cost-friendly, Rollover clothing for children starts as low as Rs.500. Their prices usually go up to around Rs.2500 but they have frequent sales so you don’t even need to pay the full amount.


Cherryberry is a popular brand that caters to those parents who want stylish outfits for their little ones but don’t want to pay hefty amounts to fill up their wardrobes. Since kids tend to grow out of their sizes pretty quickly, it is usually wise to buy more affordable clothing for them, especially if you have only one kid .

Cherryberry ‘s collection splits into two categories; one is for babies 0-3 years of age, and the other category has clothing for 3-14 years of age kids. They stand out to be one of the most affordable brands of kids’ clothing.


Are you tired of dragging all the outfits with your children around in the shopping mall? We know the struggle is real and now you can sit at home and browse through a variety of Pepperland’s kid’s clothing. No matter if you are a stay-at-home mom or a working lady, it is a one-stop online shopping platform for children, offering a wide variety of kid’s dresses. You can easily shop through different sections for boys and girls that include gender-specific dresses. They offer dresses for every occasion including party dresses for girls and boys, ethnic wear for both. They have the most competitive prices with amazing seasonal sales and discounts.


The KidznKidz clothing set for little angels is dedicated to all kinds of events. To make your event exceptional, pick any of these costumes for your little boy. You will spot the new holiday dresses for girls here as well. The KidznKidz not only lightens oriental dresses for kids but also diversifies a wide range of traditional Pakistani dresses and Kurtis for girls.

Take a look at KidznKidz’s entire collection that focuses on a variety of colours and impressive children’s wear. It’s undoubtedly the beloved brand of little kids.

Khaadi — Kids Wear

Khaadi is a leading brand in Pakistan nowadays. Khaadi’s kid’s clothes are very famous. If you are looking for traditional dresses for little darlings then you should buy from Khaadi.

Dress up your little angel with an exclusive dress set for kids. Embroidered children’s clothing is also available at Khaadi. The fabric quality they offer in the children’s collection is very attractive and does not compare to any other brand. The material has a high quality, unique, affordable, and durable collection, making it one of the best spots to buy clothes for your kids.

All new dresses of Khaadi look beautiful in their unique sewing patterns. It is the most exclusive fashion brand for children to wear at the next festival.


KidsPolo is a perfect platform for online shopping in Pakistan, known for the convenience of its customer services and cash on delivery. KidsPolo children’s clothing is very unique and different. It is a famous kid’s clothing brand these days. It offers stylish clothes for kids of any age. Choosing the latest eye-catching dresses from the latest collection 2021 will give your child the look you want. KidsPolo’s western-style dresses are very charming.


Enhance your online shopping experience by navigating through a diverse range of high-quality fashion products covering numerous categories. When it comes to fun and stylish kid’s clothing, it is the most considered choice for young parents. KidsPolo is Pakistan’s best shopping store that delivers what you see.


Tippitoes specializes in designing clothing for really small children. They create trendy outfits for kids that start at newborn to 6 years old. They have a pretty wide collection when it comes to clothing for infants and toddlers. Their outfits are very high-end but don’t come with a heavy price tag to match.

They design everything, from trendy and cute baby rompers for the very first day of a newborn’s life to shorts and jeans for the phase when they are growing up. One of their most beautiful additions is the ethnic collection, in which they have a wide range of Pakistani traditional clothing for kids. These are the perfect picks for festive occasions like Eid and weddings, as these stylish outfits will make your child stand out from the crowd.

They even have gift bundles that are perfect to gift your loved ones especially at the birth of a newborn.

Bottom Line

Take a look at these brands to make your little one stand out from the crowd. All these brands have a variety of colors and impressive kidswear, especially KidsPolo. It is affordable yet trendy. So, if you want your kids to look different by wearing top-notch quality clothing, the KidsPolo is the perfect choice for you. If you are ready, just visit their online store because the new KidsPolo collection 2021 is launched. It is the latest boys online clothing store in Pakistan.